PSO2 - Landing Home


From 4/21 10:00 AM (Wed) to the end of CBT


From 5/14 6:00 PM (Fri) to 5/16 7:00 PM (Sun) (PDT)


We are excited to announce our plans to hold the Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis (hereinafter abbreviated as PSO2:NGS) Closed Beta Test. So please sign up now.

What’s the Closed Beta For?

  • Testing the overall fundamental game system

    *Testing the fundamental game progression of PSO2:NGS, such as character actions, combat enemies, and quest development.

    *Testing fundamental game progression and systems with all players starting the game after creating new characters.

    *Testing for bugs that only occur in multiplayer environments.

  • Server stress verification

    Operation verification and server network stress test with multiplayer environments.

  • ARKS Cash and Star Gem operation test

    *Functional test of content puchasable via AC Cash (AC) and Star Gems (SG)

*At the start of the test, all participating players will receive 20,000AC and 5,000SG

*Feel free to use the content and items available for purchase with the AC and SG however you like during the test.

*The prices for content and items purchasable by AC and SG are tentative.


This long-awaited, new version of Phantasy Star Online 2, a Japanese action RPG with over 6 million user IDs within Japan, is here!

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis aims to be an adventure that transcends the concept of a "Never-Ending Quest".

Take part in multi-party open-field battles, as various new systems will lead to new encounters and surprises in this vast universe. In addition to the easy and exhilarating actions from PSO2, new ways to travel, such as Dash and Glide, let you explore the field to your heart's content! Our ultimate character creation system has been further expanded. Create and customize your unique hero, and set off on your adventure.

Discover a brand-new action RPG that goes beyond the highest levels.

A whole new universe awaits.


Thank you very much for your continued interest and excitement for Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis (PSO2:NGS). We are excited to announce that the PSO2:NGS Closed Beta Test is scheduled to be held from May 2021.

In PSO2:NGS, we are continuing and revamping the concepts of an online action RPG that goes beyond the highest levels, and ultimate character creation from PSO2, as you will feel the connection and the vastness of the universe in the open-field gameplay.

During the closed beta test players will have the chance to experience the fundamental game system, with limited content that includes factors planned to be released at the official launch.

The purpose of these tests is to make design changes and adjustments based on the testers' opinions and requests, and to correct any bugs discovered during the beta tests by the official launch.

After the end of beta tests, we will publish our measures regarding design changes or adjustments on our official stream or on the official player’s site, and implement them by the official launch, with subsequent updates.

We greatly value your opinions, comments, and requests, so please take part in the tests and share them with us.

Testers who fulfill certain conditions will be eligible to receive special in-game items. We're looking forward to your entry!