PSO2 - Player GameOverview | Open Field



The new graphics engine has led to the evolution into a high quality and vast open field!

  • Mainly a field for collecting Gathering Materials, etc.
  • Mainly a battle field where many enemies appear.

Within the vast field you'll also find objects that support your adventures, such as the Ryuker Device. Your Mag will tell you if there is an undiscovered object nearby!

Teleport to the target area with a Ryuker Device!

New Enemies in PSO2:NGS

New Enemies such as the DOLLS and ALTERS will appear inside the open field!

Pettas Sword

Specializes in Melee attacks

Pettas Gun

Strong in medium and long range attacks


Huge, imposing body


Performs a variety of actions

Once you reach a certain level of strength (battle ability) you will be able to participate in Urgent Quests! Take on the quest together in a party of a maximum of 8 players. Work with other players to put a stop to Pettas Vera!

The strength of this new enemy, ALTERS, changes depending on the time! They are good at night, so be mindful of the time when you take them on!



Newly-Added Actions

Introducing new actions that are convenient for your open field adventures! These new actions can lead to new battle actions to supplement your offense!

Photon Dash allows you to travel quickly through the vast field, and the Dash Attack can be performed from the Photon Dash.

Glide lets you traverse over terrain with intense differences in elevation, and while Gliding you can attack from the sky with the Diving Attack.

*Images are from a product currently under development