PSO2 - Player GameOverview | Setting



A new world, 1,000 years after the battle of Oracle...

These are the brave warriors who are defending Planet Halpha against the unknown threat of the DOLLS.

The fight against the DOLLS has been ongoing for decades, but as of yet, no one knows where they are coming from, and why they are attacking the people of Halpha.

The members of ARKS are made up of skilled individuals from Halpha, but there are also those with a different background...

This is the name given by the Halphanians to the mysterious people who arrive frequently by way of pod on Halpha.

The Meteorn have no memory of their life before they arrived. Similar to the DOLLS, no one knows where they come from, and the reason for their arrival in Halpha.

However, their skills as ARKS are unparalled. Many of them decide to live together with the people of Halpha, and fight as a united front in ARKS against the DOLLS.

And now, as a new members of ARKS, one Meteorn is arriving at the biggest city on the planet: Central City.