PSO2 - Taking a Stand Against Hateful Behavior and Toxicity


Taking a Stand Against Hateful Behavior and Toxicity

A message from the NGS Team .

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We believe toxic behavior and hateful language is never appropriate. The NGS live operations team is taking action against racism, discrimination, and toxic behavior within our game. 

We have been taking action against this behavior, and will continue to take the following actions to protect our players and eliminate negative behavior from our in-game community.

Our Actions

    Implement severe punishments, such as account suspension, when we find toxic and/or hateful remarks.

    Work towards improving how we combat toxicity, by improving our processes as we identify problems within the in-game player community.

We have suspended or otherwise severely punished more than 1,600 accounts found to engage in discriminatory and hateful behavior.

We will continue our efforts to eradicate hateful behavior, racism, and discrimination in order to make our game a place where players are safe and welcome, so they can enjoy playing NGS.