PSO2 - Complete the Survey and Receive 40 SG!


Complete the Survey and Receive 40 SG!

Answer this simple survey to get 40 SG in-game!

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We want to hear your opinions about our paid services so that we can offer better service in the future. Let us know what you think! Answer the following survey and get 40 SG in-game!

Survey Period


Participation Reward
We’ll be giving out “SG 40 Ticket x1” to all those who respond to the survey as a token of our appreciation at a later date.

Reward Distribution Period
Scheduled for mid-August 2021

How to Receive Rewards
You can obtain Campaign Items via the “Receive Campaign Items” option on the Visiphone in PSO2 Blocks, or “Receive Campaign Items” in the System Menu in NGS Blocks.

- Rewards are distributed only once per account, even if you meet the requirements with multiple characters.
- Players may not be eligible for reward distribution if they delete all characters from the account that have met the requirements.
- Rewards are distributed to the account, so please be mindful of which character is used to receive them.
- The eligibility status cannot be transferred to another registered ID.
- Rewards distribution may be suspended or canceled if we detect violations to the Terms of Service.
- For operational purposes, the content and schedule may change due to unexpected causes.
- Items distributed in this campaign may be distributed in other campaigns.