PSO2 - Regarding Methods to Obtain Meseta and the Resulting Game Balance


Regarding Methods to Obtain Meseta and the Resulting Game Balance

We have received various feedback regarding methods to obtain Meseta and how these methods affect the game balance.

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Our development team has conducted research based on this feedback and implemented the following measures in the update on :

  • We have confirmed that the amount of N-Meseta players earn was less than expected, so we have added Weekly Tasks to increase the amount of Meseta players can get in a week.
  • As a countermeasure against the act of creating multiple new accounts to funnel Meseta into a specific account, we have adjusted the timing that the Personal Shop feature becomes available to make it more difficult to do so.
    *We’ve confirmed that the measure was effective and led to a 90% reduction in acts of funneling Meseta into specific accounts.
    *We will take strict measures such as applying account bans to any accounts found to be conducting malicious or fraudulent activity using multiple accounts.

We will consider balance adjustments for Meseta acquisition methods and the amount in circulation based on our continued monitoring of currency circulation and feedback from players.

However, since it involves the balance of the game, our development team is considering it carefully. We ask for your understanding as it will take some time.

Thank you for your continued support of PSO2 NEW GENESIS.