PSO2 - Official Web Comic CENTRAL! Starts on September 15 (Wed)!


Official Web Comic CENTRAL! Starts on September 15 (Wed)!

The Official Web Comic CENTRAL!will start its serialization on September 15 (Wed) (PDT).

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In CENTRAL!, we get to see the daily life of the four operators who support ARKS in Central City, which is something that we don’t see in the game.

A new episode will be released every Wednesday. Please enjoy!


▲ Ran

Ran is a rookie operator who just joined Central Girls, where she has always wanted to work. She is diligent and talented, but she can be stubborn and becomes nervous under pressure.

Liu Lin

Liu Lin is generally a collected character, but she has an unexpected humorous side thanks to her clumsy seniors. Her junior, Ran, is what helps get her through the day.


Rossa is the most senior of the Central Girls.
She is calm and open-minded, but it could just be because she is laid-back.
Surprisingly, she seems to have a pure side to her as well.


Oranje is a senior who is quiet and does things at her own pace.
She could be trying her best, for all we know.
There might also be a hidden past behind that smile.
Author: Fudechin

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