PSO2 - Details of the updates on 6/9


Details of the updates on 6/9

Details of the updates on Wednesday June 9th, 2021.

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PSO2 New Genesis launched

PSO2 New Genesis is now live.

Updates to cosmetics

 AC Scratch Tickets “Soldier Line”

New Layering Wear, Hairstyles, and Accessories added.
We introduce some of the highlights of the “Soldier Line” Scratch.

 Layering Wear

▲Aelio Valkys [Ba] (Basewear: Humanoid Type 2)
▲Miness Lodia [Se] (Setwear: Humanoid Type 2)
▲Cober Vis [Se] (Setwear: Humanoid Type 1)
▲Aelio Wardat [Ba] (Basewear: Humanoid Type 1)


▲Miness Hair (Hairstyles: Unisex)
▲Valkyz Hair (Hairstyles: Unisex)


▲Lodia Beret
▲Lodia Hairpin
▲Wardat Waistcloth
▲Gridat Waistcloth

*Above items are part of the content to be released.

System Update

Ship Transfer

Regarding the Ship Transfer, the following NGS elements will be included to the transfer data.
Please see the following for the details. 

Online Manual “Ship Transfer”


For tradable items already released in PSO2 in the following categories, the NGS content and re-released items in the occasions such as campaign events will only be tradable in the NGS Personal Shops, and will not be tradable in PSO2 including: selling in PSO2 Personal Shops, trade, transfer to the Alliance Storage, placing into Photon Capsule Machine.
Also, AC and SG Swaps are available only in NGS.

Affected Categories

Body Parts
Arm Parts
Leg Parts
Weapon Camo
Head Parts
Makeup Pattern
Iris Pattern
Eyebrow Pattern
Eyelashes Pattern
Body Paints
Face Pattern
Teeth Pattern

A blue marker appears in the lower right of item thumbnails for the items only tradable in NGS. Also, Stackable Items will be stacked separately for the items only tradable in PSO2 and in NGS.

Regarding the items obtained with the Item Codes provided by the medium released after the Scheduled Maintenance on Wednesday June 9, items under the above categories may be included.
Please note that the items obtained before the Scheduled Maintenance on Wednesday June 9 are only available for trading in PSO2 as before.


  • The thumbnail for Teeth/Tongue Selection in the Salon will be changed.
  • Regarding the Ornament Display Settings in the Salon, the specification will be changed so that the option to hide the ornaments becomes unavailable if the players are wearing outfits without ornaments.
  • The default colors will be added for NGS accessories.
    *To align with this change, the initial colors of the accessories will be changed from linked colors to fixed colors.
    Please try reediting the accessory color after the update.


  • In NGS, an option for voice chat function settings will be added in the Sound/Chat Tab in the Options menu.

Other specification changes

  • The effect for NGS AC Scratch Tickets will be adjusted to lower its intensity.

System Updates to PSO2 blocks

  • With the termination of Mission Pass, ARKS Mission “Tier Missions” will be removed.
  • The rewards will be increased for some ARKS Missions, Daily Missions and Weekly Missions.
  • The fixed schedule Urgent Quest ”Twisted With Hatred” will be changed to occur at random.
  • The fixed schedule Urgent Quest ” Armada Of Annihilation” will be changed to occur at random.
  • The Bonus Key types provided by the Special Present will be changed in PSO2.
  • Specifications have been changed so that equipped PSO2:NGS Layering Wear and CAST Parts can be displayed during the PSO2 Story Quests.
    *Facial expressions will not change if a Face Option from PSO2:NGS is being used.

- TheNGS Team