PSO2 - Start Dash Rappy Pack Now Available!

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Start Dash Rappy Pack Now Available!

Starting June 9, 2021 (Wednesday), the Start Dash Rappy Pack will be available for purchase in the Microsoft Store, Steam, Epic Games Store, and the AC Shop.

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This pack contains a new costume of the familiar Phantasy Star Online 2 character “Rappy”, as well as support items that will prove useful during in-game quests.

Additionally, when you purchase this pack, you will also receive Monotite, Photon Chunks, and more as bonus gifts!

Start Dash Rappy Pack $48.99

How to Purchase

AC Shop

Purchasable via the in-game AC Shop

Microsoft Store, Steam, Epic Games Store

Receive via the “Receive Campaign Items” option on the Visiphone in PSO2 Blocks, or the “Receive Campaign Items” option in the System Menu in NGS Blocks.

*Please check the in-game Visiphone in PSO2 Blocks or the System Menu in NGS Blocks for the Campaign Item Expiration Dates.

*You can receive the bonus gifts at the same time you receive the other items.


Start Dash Rappy Pack $48.99

 *The AC Shop price is 4,900 AC

•Included Items

N-Rappy Suit [Fu] x1 

MTN: Idle - Rappy x1

MTN: Glide - Rappy x1

STP: Rappy - Love x1

Premium Set (15 Days) x2

Material Storage Use (15 Days) x2

N-Rare Drop Rate +50% x3

N-EXP Earned +10% x3


Bonus Gifts

Monotite x30

Dualomite x30

Trinite x30

Photon Chunk x50

Photon Quartz x50

Salon Free Pass x1

N-Half Scape Doll x5


・This item can only be purchased 1 time per store.

・The "Salon Free Pass" is single-use item that allows the user to change content that usually requires SG payment at the Salon. 

Please note that unlike the Salon Pass and Salon Pass S, the re-edit feature available for Premium Users cannot be used.

- During operations, there may be changes to the content and schedule due to unforeseen circumstances.

- Items purchasable in this Campaign may also be purchasable in other Campaigns.

- The NGS Team