PSO2 - Story Quest Clear Campaign (UPDATED JULY 26, 2021 PDT)

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Story Quest Clear Campaign (UPDATED JULY 26, 2021 PDT)

Clear the PSO2 story quest in order to get various items, such as Weapon Camos and Emotes!

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Time Period

 After Scheduled Maintenance is Finished - 

 Until Scheduled Maintenance Begins

*Campaign Period has been extended. (Updated on July 26, 2021)



Everyone who clears “The Final Farewell” in Episode 1 Chapter 10: The Idol and Rampaging Dragon

Weapon Camo: * Apoptosis x1 

Weapon Camo: * Mea Pulchra x1 

Emote: 183: Eat x1

Accessory: Quna Head-Mount x1 

Accessory: Haddred Head-Mount x1 

Re: SG C Ticket x1

Everyone who clears “The Reason for My Birth” in Episode 2 Chapter 5: The Reason I was Born

Weapon Camo: * Energy Husers x1 

Weapon Camo: * Skuld x1 

Emote: 215: Survey x1

Accessory: Klariskrays the Second Head-Mount x1

Accessory: Luther Head-Mount x1 

Re: SG C Ticket x1

Everyone who clears “Plotting the Ultimate Defense” in Episode 3 Chapter 4: Goddess of Original Youth and Beauty

Weapon Camo: * Atolm x1 

Weapon Camo: * Krotov M238 x1 

Emote: 332: Photo Op x1

Accessory: [Persona] Head-Mount x1 

Accessory: Matoi Head-Mount x1 

Re: SG C Ticket x1

Everyone who clears “Avatar of Annihilation” in Episode 4 Chapter 8: Avatar of Annihilation

Weapon Camo: * Siegmund x1 

Weapon Camo: * Valiant x1 

Emote: 489: Stirring Up The Bath x1 

Accessory: Aratron Head-Mount x1 

Accessory: Mother Head-Mount x1 

Re: SG C Ticket x1

Everyone who clears “The Legendary Savior” in Episode 5 Chapter 6: Thus Did the Heroes Assemble

Weapon Camo: * Solaris x1

Weapon Camo: * Val Gantte x1

Emote: 374: Shoji Screen x1 

Accessory: Fairy Xiera Head-Mount x1 

Accessory: Margareta Head-Mount x1 

Re: SG C Ticket x1

Everyone who clears “The Future You Weave“ in Episode 6 Chapter 6: The Hope You Bring

Weapon Camo: * Zodiac Sign x1 

Weapon Camo: * Rose Ornament x1 

Emote: 517: Final Performance x1 

Accessory: Shiva Head-Mount x1 

Re: SG C Ticket x1

Corresponding Weapon Categories for Weapon Camo Rewards

Weapon Camo

Corresponding Weapon Category

* Apoptosis


* Mea Pulchra


* Energy Husers

Wired Lance

* Skuld


* Atolm

Double Saber

* Krotov M238

Twin Machine Guns

* Siegmund


* Valiant


* Solaris

Wand, Rod, Partisan

* Val Gantte


* Zodiac Sign 

Twin Daggers, Soaring Blades

* Rose Ornament

Assault Rifles, Sword, Twin Machine Guns

  • These are Quests that can be played in the PSO2 blocks.
  • The Episode 2 and Episode 3 stories can be viewed upon clearing Episode 1 in order.
  • The Episode 6 story can be viewed after clearing the Episode 5 story.
  • Those who have already cleared the target quests at the start of the campaign will receive their items upon logging into a PSO2 block during the campaign.
  • The Re: SG C Ticket can be exchanged for prizes from the SG Scratch Ticket “Rewind: SG Collection”.

Reward Distribution Date

Distributed when the conditions are met

How to Collect the Reward

Rewards can be collected from “Receive Campaign Items” from the Visiphone in the PSO2 block, or “Receive Campaign Items” from the System Menu in the PSO2:NGS block.


  • Rewards can only be claimed once per account, even if the conditions have been met with several characters. 
  • If all the characters on an account that met the conditions are deleted, then the account will no longer be eligible to receive the rewards. 
  • The rewards will be given by account, so please be mindful of the character used when receiving them. 
  • The reward target conditions cannot be transferred to another registered user’s ID.
  • If it has been determined that the Terms of Use have been violated, the distribution of rewards may be suspended or canceled. 
  • The content and schedule are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. 
  • The items distributed in this campaign may be distributed in other campaigns as well.