PSO2 - Stamp-Drawing Contest: Anniversary Category Winners Announcement

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Stamp-Drawing Contest: Anniversary Category Winners Announcement

We are announcing the winners for the Anniversary Category of the PSO2 9th Anniversary Stamp-Drawing Contest!

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We have selected the following entries as the winners after a strict screening process. The winning entries will be featured as stamps that can be used in the game! Thank you for all of your submissions!

Campaign Details + Submission

Title: Thank you from Garoa and Aina
Pen Name: Zenua
Comment: This stamp shows the father and daughter putting flowers in each other's hair and Aina offering the player a flower in gratitude. 

Story behind the stamp:
Aina and Garoa goes out to relax. Aina picks some tropical flowers and puts one in Garoa's hair for expressing her thanks for her father's hard works. Garoa laughs and in turn puts one in Aina's hair to show his love and responsibility for his daughter. Of course, Aina cannot forget the player and gives the player a flower to show her gratitude and appreciation.

I had this idea because I am like Aina and all I have is my father. And we can't forget Garoa for being nice to the players, sacrificing himself for everyone.

I hope my idea is worthy and my art skills are up to standards.
Thank you for your time!

Title: 9年間受け継ぐ笑顔
Pen Name: 天野うずら
Comment: ストーリーを彩るヒロインたちを詰め込みました。これからも変わらない笑顔を!

Title: ふわふわフワンちゃん
Pen Name: にるにる
Comment: かわいいフワンちゃんです。

Title: 感謝感激オタリカちゃん
Pen Name: ホルマリン
Comment: 旦那の勧めで今年初めてpso2ngsをプレイし、毎日仕事終わりにプレイするほどどハマりしました。描いたキャラクターは、可愛いテイムズたちのその中でも大好きな「オタリカちゃん」です。口元のぷにっと感を出せるようにこだわりました。このスタンプを作成するにあたり、新規プレイヤーとして、初めは戦いやレベル上げが難しく・・そんな中「助けてくれた皆さん(他プレイヤー)への感謝」、そして「こんなにも楽しいゲームに出会えたことへの感謝」を描きました。このスタンプは誕生日のお祝いや、手助けしてもらったときにでも使いやすいと思います!

Title: セレモラッピーが祝う『PSO2』9周年!
Pen Name: 無岐
Comment: Congratulationsの横断幕を持って9周年をお祝いするセレモラッピーを描きました。『PSO2』9周年おめでとうございます!

Comment from the Development team

Thank you very much for your contributions to the PSO2 9th Anniversary Stamp-Drawing Contest.
Stamps have been introduced as a new communication tool in PSO2 NEW GENESIS. Have you tried them out yet?
This time we tried a new challenge by accepting submissions for illustrations to be implemented as in-game stamps.
We are grateful to have received so many submissions despite the fact there were different requirements than for previous illustration contests.

Reviewing the entries ranging from cute to unique was a fun process and had us wanting these stamps to be featured in-game.

The winning entries for the Anniversary and Open Categories were selected based on how well-rounded they are, their messages, and how easy it is to use them in conversation.

The selected winning entries will be implemented in the game at a later date, so please try them out when they are released!
We plan to hold similar contests in the future. Please go ahead and give it another try if you missed out this time!
We will continue to work on various updates and plans so everyone can make wonderful memories through the game, so please support the PSO2 NEW GENESIS reborn in celebration of the 9th Anniversary.
And once again, thank you very much for your participation in the PSO2 9th Anniversary Stamp-Drawing Contest.