PSO2 - ZUTOMAYO x NGS Collaboration Emote Release!

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ZUTOMAYO x NGS Collaboration Emote Release!

As part of the collaboration between PSO2 NEW GENESIS and ZUTOMAYO, we’re releasing an Emote that recreates the original dance from the TikTok hashtag campaign!

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ZUTOMAYO x NGS Collaboration Emote

*The linked video is in Japanese on the website.


From the end of scheduled maintenance on  until

Say the Keyword to Get the Item!

Players who say “NOBORDER” in the in-game chat during the campaign period will receive the collaboration Emote!

The Gift You'll Receive

Emote: 775: No Border.

*Please be sure to say the keyword using half-width uppercase letters.
*You can say it in any of the chat channels.
*Saying the keyword in the chat before the start of the keyword giveaway will not count.

Deadline to Receive Campaign Items


*The gift can be collected from “Receive Campaign Items” in the System Menu of NGS Blocks or “Receive Campaign Items” from the Visiphone in PSO2 Blocks.
*You will not be contacted (sent item codes) via the email registered under your registered ID.
*Please note that the item will be distributed to your account, so please be mindful of the character you use to accept it.


  • Even if you fulfill the conditions with multiple characters, you can only receive one gift per account.
  • The account may no longer be eligible to receive the gift if all characters that met the requirements are deleted.
  • To prevent server overload, some notifications (such as for mail, Alliance invitations, delivery of campaign items, etc.) will not be displayed if you log in during an Urgent Quest. Although notifications may not be shown, messages and campaign items will be received as normal.
  • The content and schedule of the campaign may change due to unforeseen operational reasons.
  • Please note that items distributed in this campaign may also be distributed in other campaigns.