PSO2 - PSO2:NGS × INTEL Collaboration Campaign!

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PSO2:NGS × INTEL Collaboration Campaign!

Celebrating the release of “PSO2 New Genesis”, we are proud to announce a collaboration campaign with INTEL.

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During the campaign period, those who purchase a computer with INTEL's Tiger Lake will receive an Emote that can be used in “PSO2 New Genesis” as a bonus.



2021/– 2023/


How to Redeem

Purchase a qualifying Intel processor-based device from a participating retailer.
More information on eligible products can be found here:


Collaboration Item

746: Intel
Emote can be used for “PSO2 New Genesis”


How to achieve the Item

  1. Go to <>
  2. Sign-in or create an Intel® Digital Hub account.
  3. Once your account is verified, log in and enter your Master Key by designated deadline to claim your reward.For more information please see here:
  4. Agree to the offer terms and conditions and complete the short survey.
  5. Select and download the available Collaboration Emote item for “PSO2 New Genesis”.


Collaboration Item Preview


  • Gifts are distributed only once per account, even if you have multiple characters on your account.
  • Players may not be eligible for reward distribution if they delete all characters from the account that has met the requirements.
  • During operation, there may be changes to the content and schedule due to unforeseen circumstances.