PSO2 - Group Chat Campaign (Updated July 6, 2021 PDT)

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Group Chat Campaign (Updated July 6, 2021 PDT)

Complete Limited-Time Tasks to receive Star Gems!

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From the end of maintenance on  until the beginning of maintenance on

Campaign Information

1Say something in the Group Chat 3 times during this periodSG 20 Ticket x1
2Say something in the Group Chat 5 times during this periodSG 30 Ticket x1

*You can check “Limited-Time Tasks” by selecting “Tasks” from “Tasks/Quests” in the Main Menu.
*Task 2 will be unlocked when Task 1 is completed.

How to Receive Rewards
Rewards will appear in the Inventory of characters who have completed the Limited-Time Tasks.
*Reward Items will be sent to your Storage if your Inventory is full.

GROUP CHAT (Added on )


  • Rewards can only be received once per account.
  • Players may not be eligible to receive rewards if all characters are deleted from the account of the character that completed the tasks.
  • Reward eligibility cannot be transferred to another registered ID.
  • Reward distribution may be suspended or canceled if we detect violations to the Terms of Service.
  • There may be changes to the content and schedule due to unforeseen operational circumstances.
  • Items distributed in this campaign may also be distributed in other campaigns.