PSO2 - On September 1st, special items will be available for purchase in the AC Shop! (UPDATED September 2, 2021 (PDT))

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On September 1st, special items will be available for purchase in the AC Shop! (UPDATED September 2, 2021 (PDT))

During this campaign, you can get the “Premium Set (30 Days) + Bonus” for the bargain price of 1200 AC, or the “Premium Set (90 Days) + Bonus”, which comes with an Emilia stamp, in the AC Shop!

news item image

So be sure to check it out!

*You can purchase these items from the applicable in-game shop under the Main Menu.
*There is a maximum number of purchases for each item. Maximum number of purchases is set per account.

*This item will only be sold in NGS blocks.
*Bonuses are included with “Premium Set (30 Days) + Bonus” and “Premium Set (90 Days) + Bonus” only.
 The regular “Premium Set (30 Days)” and “Premium Set (90 Days)” are not eligible.
 Please double check the item name before purchasing. (Added on September 1, 2021 4:00 AM (PDT))

Added on September 2, 2021 11:00 PM (PDT)

Campaign Period

From the end of scheduled maintenance on  to the beginning of scheduled maintenance on

Available for purchase at the AC Shop!

How to receive your bonus gift

The bonus gift will be sent to the Inventory of the character who purchased the item.
*This set of items cannot be purchased if the character’s Inventory is full.


  • Rewards are distributed only once per account, even if you meet the requirements with multiple characters.
  • During operation, there may be changes to the content and schedule due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Players who purchased the item during the campaign period will be eligible for the bonus gift.
  • Reward eligibility cannot be transferred to another registered ID.
  • To prevent server overload, you will not see some of the new alerts, such as incoming mail, Alliance invitations, and campaign item distribution if you log in during Urgent Quests. Incoming mail, Alliance invitations, and campaign items are being distributed normally, even though the new arrival alert is not displayed.
  • Reward distribution may be suspended or canceled if we detect violations to the Terms of Service.
  • Items distributed in this campaign may also be distributed in other campaigns.