PSO2 - Item Design Contest: Outfit Category Winners Announcement

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Item Design Contest: Outfit Category Winners Announcement

We are announcing the winners for the Outfit Category of the PSO2 9th Anniversary Item Design Contest!

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We have selected the following entries as the winners after a strict screening process. The winning entries will be featured as items in-game! Thank you for all of your submissions!

Title: ヤクシニ・ライカ
Pen Name: ぱんたろぅ
Comment: テーマは「ハルファの夜を彩り駆ける新世代の戦闘衣」。NGSプレイ中に暗所でのコスチュームの光の表現がとてもきれいだったことが印象的で、夜、暗い場所で違う顔を見せる衣装があると面白いかなと思い制作しました。パーカーなのですが、戦闘衣を意識しているので袖丈は短めにして動きやすく、アクティブな印象にしています。また8月にブレイバー、秋にはバウンサーが実装ということもあり、その2クラスを意識して和のテイストを取り入れてデザインしました。
Comment from the Development team: We have chosen this submission out of many sophisticated designs for the Grand Award because it captures and reflects the characteristics of PSO2 NEW GENESIS, such as the evolving world and new generation of ARKS. We are looking forward to seeing ARKS in this battle outfit that beautifully decorates the night in Halpha.

Title: ウーニャフワーヌ
Pen Name: taitai
Comment: ふわふわもちもちの冬服と、おおきな耳と尻尾がほしかったんです…どうぶつモチーフのかわいい服で広大なハルファを駆け巡りたい…!

Title: Magic White
Pen Name: Netepi
Comment: The outfit is a Valentines inspired design.
I always thought love itself can be quite magical. It's cute and wholesome but it also can have a playful aspect to it.I tried to reflect that with a white, flower-like outfit that's calming to the eye, and to contrast that  I showered the design with lots of red, heart-shaped jewels and frills to add a fun and witchlike twist to it.
My overall aim with this design was to create something that will bewitch players across the universe and connect them with red threads of fate!

Title: Waltzer Karn
Pen Name: Zhvowa
Comment: A designed inspired by Action RPG character design, with design motifs based mainly on belts, lapels, and partial armor with modern design elements.

Title: Rainskipper
Pen Name: %+ (percentplus)
Comment: The idea was to design what someone going through the wet, rocky and muddy terrain of Aelio could be wearing. I tried to strike a balance between practicality and aesthetics. Above all, I wanted a sleek and futuristic look that could fit into PSO2:NGS without looking odd.

Title: エンジニアの服
Pen Name: げん
Comment: すっきりした感じのエンジニアっぽい服が欲しい
Title: エンジニアの服
Pen Name: げん
Comment: エンジニアっぽい服の男性バージョン
Title: 毛玉の妖精さん
Pen Name: Higa7
Comment: ロビーやフィールドでたまに見かけるホワイトファーの白い毛玉の妖精がとても可愛かったんです。ミニスーツにすることでおしゃれをの幅を広げ、ふわふわと空を浮かびながらもふもふ尽くしの旅をしたいです。
Title: アピスメルビー
Pen Name: ckenet
Comment: 【モデルミツバチ】 有毒植物の蜜を採集し武器に用いる特殊な戦闘スタイル がコンセプトです
Title: クロッシュワーク
Pen Name: わんこ
Comment: 羊毛のようなモコモコした素材をたくさん使ったコスチュームです!既存の色々なアクセサリーが映えるようにシンプルかつ可愛いデザインにしました。
Title: デューティービキニウェア
Pen Name: レイラ
Comment: アークスの求めるものは戦いと水着、戦闘中に着ていても雰囲気的に違和感の無い水着、ありそうで無かった私が一番欲しいコス、迷彩柄のビキニ!!!!!。PSO2にはオリジナリティあるデザインのSFコス 制服 和服が多い中シンプルなデザインを求める方もおられると考えあえて現実味あるデザインのビキニに仕上げました。既存のミリタリー系アクセサリーで色々組み合わせを楽しんで頂けると思います。国内とグローバル含め全国のミリタリー好きなアークスに刺さって頂けたら嬉しいです
Title: ニーグルム・グラディオ
Pen Name: Hello
Comment: スタイリッシュ厨二な服が欲しい。腰マントヒラヒラさせながらNGSのスタイリッシュアクションししたい。こんな格好でツインダガーやダブセ振り回したい。SF要素皆無だって良いじゃない、愛があれば!!
Title: バーゲスト
Pen Name: さべっぢ
Comment: 人の頭のままでもキャストヘッドでも楽しめるSF寄りのパワードアーマーがずっと欲しかったのでデザインしました。

Comment from the Development team

Thank you very much for your submissions to the PSO2 9th Anniversary Item Design Contest.
This time, as an experiment, we accepted applications for the Outfit and Accessory Categories for both Japan and Global at the same time, and we received more submissions than we had expected.
We saw many entries inspired by the worldviews of PSO2 and PSO2 NEW GENESIS, with creative ideas that have never been implemented before. We could feel the enthusiasm that everyone has for the PSO2 series and had a great time going through them.
It took us quite some time to select the winners for the Outfit Category because so many entries were full of detail. In the end, we chose entries that had the PSO2 NEW GENESIS flair, as well as never-before-seen designs.
We were impressed by how many unprecedented ideas were created for the Accessory Category entries based on the number of attachment points and the cost system from the update.
Actually, implementation was difficult in PSO2 before the update. But now, with PSO2 NEW GENESIS, we will be able to add them into the game, and therefore we have selected several entries as winners.
We will continue to expand and update PSO2 NEW GENESIS to meet your expectations, and we are looking forward to your great ideas in the next contest!
Once again, thank you to everyone who participated in PSO2 9th Anniversary Item Design Contest!