PSO2 - Stamp-Drawing Contest: Open Category Winners Announcement

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Stamp-Drawing Contest: Open Category Winners Announcement

We are announcing the winners for the Open Category of the PSO2 9th Anniversary Stamp-Drawing Contest!

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We have selected the following entries as the winners after a strict screening process. The winning entries will be featured as stamps that can be used in the game! Thank you for all of your submissions!

Campaign Details + Submission

Announcing Nominated Entries in the Open Category

Title: Blight Please!
Pen Name: SWoo
Comment: I drew a rappy with the blight mark on its head. This stamp is a cute way to ask for blight round. I hope there will be a series of stamps where the blight round will be on different parts of the body to coordinate with other Rangers on where to blight round.

Title: Ash: Fired Up
Pen Name: Neverusage
Comment: I wanted to make a stamp that conveys the feeling of being fired up for a fight. Perfect when for seeking revenge against that one boss that keeps giving you trouble!

Title: Risa Stare
Pen Name: Jebeansprout (PSO2 Character Name: Namairi)
Comment: After my experience with original PSO2 so far, Risa is by far one of my favourite characters. I love using stamps as-well so I felt the vacant stare is something I would use.

Like "Is the giga here yet... *insert vacant stare here* " 

Very effective yes yes? no? 
Anyway thank you for the opportunity to do something fun and creative, I've been havin a-lot of fun w/ PSO2 and NGS!

Title: 不満
Pen Name: しば
Comment: ムッとした表情がポイントのマノンのスタンプです。何か不満なことがあった時などに…。

Pen Name: るゅ
Comment: 温泉マーク?になってます。

Title: グ一
Pen Name: るゅ
Comment: ジャンケンのグーやガッツポーズなどの使い方がございます。

Title: チョキ
Pen Name: るゅ
Comment: ジャンケンのチョキやピースなどの使い方がございます。

Title: パ一
Pen Name: るゅ
Comment: ジャンケンのパーや「NO!」などの使い方がございます。

Title: こっちこっち!
Pen Name: フウ
Comment: 司令室のみんながにぎやかきゃっきゃしてるところが見たい!

Title: もぐもぐ
Pen Name: らびっとますくさん
Comment: 可愛らしいスタンプがいいと思い、アイナちゃんのもぐもぐした顔にしました!ごはん食いに行く時やスイーツおいしい時やフードデバイス食べる時やドールズって美味いなっていう時に使えればなと思います。肉とコップは、ストーリー序盤の宴と同じものになっているところもこだわってます!

Title: ご満悦ニューマンちゃん
Pen Name: 夜の
Comment: かっこいいイメージのあるニューマンちゃんがいっぱい褒められて、菩薩のように清らかな心を持った心情をイラストにしてみました。なるべくコミカル調で、どんな場面でもこのスタンプを使っておけば切り抜けられるようなものであると感じております!短髪はいいぞ。

Title: リバーサーサイン0です!ごめんね!
Pen Name: imo
Comment: 手持ち0のときや周囲に生えてなくて補充できない時に使ってあげてください

Title: 理解できなかったルピカ
Pen Name: 青丸胡麻
Comment: こちらは何も理解できなかったルピカさんです。

Title: ラッピー:絶望の叫び
Pen Name: omoitsukanyo
Comment: 絶望が…絶望が来たぞぉ~!!な感じで描いてみました。

Title: 狙い撃て!
Pen Name: Linne
Comment: どんな距離でも的確に獲物を狙い仕留める射撃のプロ、そんなドッツの気持ちになれるスタンプ。

Comment from the Development team

Thank you very much for your contributions to the PSO2 9th Anniversary Stamp-Drawing Contest.
Stamps have been introduced as a new communication tool in PSO2 NEW GENESIS. Have you tried them out yet?
This time we tried a new challenge by accepting submissions for illustrations to be implemented as in-game stamps.
We are grateful to have received so many submissions despite the fact there were different requirements than for previous illustration contests.

Reviewing the entries ranging from cute to unique was a fun process and had us wanting these stamps to be featured in-game.

The winning entries for the Anniversary and Open Categories were selected based on how well-rounded they are, their messages, and how easy it is to use them in conversation.

The selected winning entries will be implemented in the game at a later date, so please try them out when they are released!
We plan to hold similar contests in the future. Please go ahead and give it another try if you missed out this time!
We will continue to work on various updates and plans so everyone can make wonderful memories through the game, so please support the PSO2 NEW GENESIS reborn in celebration of the 9th Anniversary.
And once again, thank you very much for your participation in the PSO2 9th Anniversary Stamp-Drawing Contest.