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Screenshot Submission Campaign

Take Halloween-themed screenshots and post them on Twitter!

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Halloween Fiesta

Use the hashtag #PSO2NGS_SScampaign and post them on Twitter!

Submission Period

From  until

Campaign Details


We’re looking for your Halloween-themed screenshots!

Take screenshots of cool and cute characters with Halloween-themed costumes or settings, and post them on Twitter with the hashtag #PSO2NGS_SScampaign

*Only screenshots taken in PSO2:NGS Blocks will be accepted.


Twenty winners will be chosen at random from all of the submissions to receive the following items!
200 SG Ticket (x4)

A Star Gem request ticket.Using it grants you 200 SG.
 Salon Free Pass (x1)
A pass for using the salon's functions. Also usable for Auxiliaries. The pass is consumed upon use.

N-Color-Change Pass (x3)
Allows you to change your outfit color at the salon. One change per pass.

Submission Instructions

Character Creation Requirements

Items obtained in collaborations with non-Sega properties are generally prohibited.

Feel free to use any outfits, accessories, or hairstyles that are not prohibited.

You can use the salon's editing features to your heart's content.

How to submit

Step 1
Follow our official Twitter account Phantasy Star Online 2 - Global (@play_pso2).

Step 2
Attach the screenshot you want to submit and tweet it with the hashtag #PSO2NGS_SScampaign.

*A Twitter account is required to use Twitter.
*Tweets on private Twitter accounts will not be accepted.
*Submissions must be previously unpublished works personally created by the person submitting it. Please do not crop or otherwise edit the image.
*Please submit one screenshot at a time. 

How to submit from Xbox One

  1. Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide.
  2. Go to 'Capture & share' then to 'Recent captures'.
  3. Select the screenshot you want to submit, then go to 'See all sharing options'.
  4. Select 'Twitter' and tweet it with the hashtag #PSO2NGS_SScampaign.

How to register your Twitter account on Xbox One (Added: )

  1. From the Home Screen, select Settings > Accounts > Linked social accounts.
  2. Select Twitter > Link and follow the instruction on the screen to add the account information.

How to capture a screenshot on Xbox One


  • Please refer to the SEGA Copyright Policy on the official site when taking screenshots.
  • Measures may be taken against those who do not follow the rules or who are deemed to have interfered with the event.
  • Winners will be contacted via Twitter direct message from the official account Phantasy Star Online 2 - Global (@play_pso2).
  • Winners who do not respond to this message within 1 week will be disqualified.
  • Participants are responsible for all data and communication costs incurred during the submission process.
  • If you are found to have violated the Terms of Service, reward distribution may be delayed or suspended altogether.
  • Details and plans may change due to circumstances beyond our control. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.
  • We cannot respond to any inquiries regarding the selection of contest winners. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.