PSO2 - Campaign: Join an Alliance! (UPDATED SEPTEMBER 8, 2021 (PDT))

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Campaign: Join an Alliance! (UPDATED SEPTEMBER 8, 2021 (PDT))

Those friends you added from earlier in the event would make excellent Alliance members! Join an Alliance with them and receive some goodies for free!

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What’s more fun than exploring Halpha by yourself? Exploring with friends, of course! So Join an Alliance by September 29th, and not only will you reap the reward of friendship, but also have a chance at a new Stamp



For more information on how to create or join an Alliance, check out this link! 

Beginning:  (end of maintenance)

Ending:  (beginning of maintenance)

Reward Distribution: at a later date, via the in-game System Menu



Join an Alliance before the beginning of maintenance on September 29th

N-Enhancement Success Rate +20% (x1)

Form a Party with one or more Alliance members and complete an Urgent Quest

STP: Sonic & Tails - Joy (x1)

*There was an error in the requirements for this campaign. We apologize for this and have corrected it. (Added on September 8, 2021 4:00 AM (PDT))

*Player must belong to an Alliance at the end of the Campaign for completion.

**Rewards will be distributed at a later date and they will be retrievable via the in-game System Menu.

*** Campaign rewards need to be claimed before a set deadline.


 - The NGS Team