PSO2 - Mission Pass Release Celebration Campaign

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Mission Pass Release Celebration Campaign

To celebrate the release of the Mission Pass in NGS, players who log in to the game during this period will receive an N-Mission Pass Gold!

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Campaign Duration

From the end of scheduled maintenance on  until the start of scheduled maintenance on

About the Rewards

Players can receive rewards by completing tasks with the new Mission Pass feature.
By using an N-Mission Pass Gold, players can get gold rewards!

How to Receive Gifts

Gifts can be collected from the “Receive Campaign Items” option while accessing the Visiphone in PSO2 Blocks, or selecting “Receive Campaign Items” from the System Menu while in PSO2:NGS Blocks.

*If the gifts are not received, please log out and log back in.
*Please check the in-game Receive Campaign Items Menu for the deadlines to receive gifts.


  • Rewards can only be claimed once per account, even if the conditions have been met with several characters.
  • If all the characters on an account that met the conditions are deleted, then the account may no longer be eligible to receive the rewards.
  • Reward eligibility cannot be transferred to another registered ID.
  • If it has been determined that the Terms of Use have been violated, the distribution of rewards may be suspended or canceled.
  • The content and schedule are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Items distributed in this campaign may also be distributed in other campaigns.