PSO2 - PSO2 Day: Premium Set Limited Time Offer on the 21st of every month!

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PSO2 Day: Premium Set Limited Time Offer on the 21st of every month!

The 21st of every month in PSO2 is PSO2 Day for those with Premium Sets! This comes from the “2” in PSO2!

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During the campaign period, Premium Set users will receive gifts and special Boosts, as well as a chance to find the ARKS Rappy in PSO2 Blocks.

This is the best time to enjoy PSO2:NGS!

Campaign Period

From  to

Campaign Information

Boost Event

PSO2:NGS Details

  • Premium Set Users Only 
    1. EXP Earned +5%
    2. Rare Drop Rate +20%

*The rewards in Battledia Aelio Troopers are fixed items and only the EXP Earned +5% Boost applies.

PSO2 Details

  • Premium Set Users Only
    1. FUN Earned +100%
    2. EXP Earned +200%
    3. Rare Drop Rate +200%
    4. Gathering Fever Occurrence Rate +100%

*Players using items that increase the amount of FUN points earned are not eligible for the “FUN +100%" Boost effect.

  • All Users
    1. Item Enhancement Success Rate +10%
       (Units/Skill Rings)
    2. Augmentation Success Rate +15%
    3. Enhancement EXP +15% during Weapon Enhancement

Introducing PSO2:NGS Presents

* If a user starts using a Premium Set during the campaign period, they will receive the items when they move to a PSO2:NGS Block.

On PSO2 Day, the ARKS Rappy comes to the PSO2 Blocks!

▲ ARKS Rappy

▲ Rappy Suit Mini: ARKS

In PSO2 Blocks only, on PSO2 Day (the 1st and 21st of every month), an ARKS-themed Rappy called the “ARKS Rappy” arrives! It looks very cute in the Close Quarters outfit! They might drop augmented equipment or Rappy Suit Mini: ARKS when you defeat them!

*ARKS Rappy will only appear in Rooms newly created after the campaign starts. A new room can be created by accepting the quest, setting a password, and then checking the “Also Limit Multiplayer Requests from Other Parties” box. Then, select Party Commands under Community in the Main Menu, go into Party Settings and change the Password Settings to allow other players to join.

Receipt Period of Campaign Items


*You can obtain gifts via the “Receive Campaign Items” selection in the System Menu in NGS Blocks.
*Notifications (item codes) will not be sent to the email address registered under your ID.
*Rewards are distributed to the account, so please be careful of which character you are on when receiving them.
*To be eligible for gifts, it is necessary to select a character and enter an NGS Block.


  • Gifts are distributed only once per account, even if you meet the requirements with multiple characters.
  • Only users using a Premium Set during the campaign period are eligible.
  • Please be aware that players who do not log in to PSO2:NGS during this campaign period will not be eligible.
  • Players may not be eligible for reward distribution if they delete all characters from an account that has met the requirements.
  • In PSO2 Blocks, to prevent server overload, some notifications – such as incoming mail, Alliance invitations, and campaign items for distribution – will not be displayed if you log in during an Urgent Quest. Even though the notification mark is not displayed, incoming mail, Alliance invitations, and campaign items will still be delivered normally.
  • In the PSO2:NGS Blocks, in facilities such as Towers, Cocoons, etc, there are quests in which Boost effects will not apply – even if the Boost effect is displayed.
  • The ARKS Rappy will not appear during Trigger Quests.
  • During operation, there may be changes to the content and schedule due to unforeseen circumstances. 
  • Items distributed in this campaign may also be distributed in other campaigns.