PSO2 - Campaign: It’s Party Time! (UPDATED SEPTEMBER 8, 2021 (PDT))

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Campaign: It’s Party Time! (UPDATED SEPTEMBER 8, 2021 (PDT))

We’re celebrating the release of Sonic Colors Ultimate, and it’s time to party! Check out this article to find out what you need to do to earn your STP: Sonic & Amy – Congrats Stamp!

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Sonic is always up for a Party, so ARKS Defenders should be too! During this campaign period, completing the specified Urgent Quests with a Party of 2 and speaking in Party Chat will reward you with goodies like the STP: SONIC & AMY – CONGRATS Stamp! For more information on how to create or join a party, check out this link!



Complete the requirements below to earn your rewards!


Beginning:  (after the maintenance)

Ending:  (beginning of maintenance)

Reward Distribution: Upon meeting requirements, via the in-game System Menu



Speak in Party Chat 1 time during the campaign period

N-Augmentation Success Rate +5% (x1)

Form a Party of two or more players and complete an Urgent Quest

STP: Sonic & Amy - Congrats (x1)

*There was an error in the requirements for this campaign. We apologize for this and have corrected it. (Added  on September 8, 2021 4:00 AM (PDT))

*Rewards are distributed upon meeting the requirements and they can be retrieved via the in-game System Menu.

**Campaign rewards need to be claimed before a set deadline.

- The NGS Team