PSO2 - September 14 Scheduled Maintenance Announcement


September 14 Scheduled Maintenance Announcement

Scheduled Maintenance will occur on September 14.

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Scheduled Maintenance Time

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*Please do not connect to the game servers until the end of maintenance is announced.
*Please note that if the 24 hour period after a Character Deletion Request passes during the maintenance, the character will be deleted.
*Characters that have completed the “Application for Ship Transfer During Scheduled Maintenance” will be transferred. AC will not be consumed until the Ship Transfer is complete.
*Ship Transfer applications will be processed according to the order in which they were submitted. However, some Ship Transfers may be postponed until the next Scheduled Maintenance if the number of submitted applications is excessive.
*If you do not have enough AC at the beginning of the Scheduled Maintenance, Ship Transfer will not occur, even if you purchase AC during the Scheduled Maintenance.
*For more details on Ship Transfers, such as the requirements, please 
check here.

Please note that the time maintenance is scheduled to end may change depending on the circumstances.