PSO2 - June 23 Announcement: End of Scheduled Maintenance


June 23 Announcement: End of Scheduled Maintenance

The Scheduled Maintenance started on June 22 7:00 PM (PDT) has ended at June 23 1:00 AM (PDT). Please check here for more details about the update.

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Also, after this maintenance, the version number shown on the bottom right corner of the title screen is ver.7.0001.3.

For details about other changes, please see below.

Maintenance Details

  • Due to the Scheduled Maintenance, the validity period of Premium Sets, Extended Storage 1~6, Material Storage, and Personal Shop usage, as well as PSO2 Personal Quarters use, Max Orders Received Limit Expansion, and Bonus Keys will be extended by 6 hour(s).
    *For things that expired before the end of Scheduled Maintenance on June 23, 2021 (Wed), the expiration will be extended 6 hour(s) from the time of expiration. 
  • Characters that completed the “Application for Ship Transfer During Scheduled Maintenance” before the start of scheduled maintenance on June 22, 2021 (Tues) have been transferred. 
    • Ship transfers during scheduled maintenance occur in order of applications. There is a limit to the number of transfers that are performed, so if the maximum number of applications is reached, later applications will be carried over to the next scheduled maintenance.
    • Please check here for more information about ship transfers, such as the requirements.
  • When logging into PSO2 blocks, each characters’ location will be set to the Gate Area.
    • Characters that logged out while in the Shopping Plaza, Casino, Bridge, or Franca's Café before the start of Scheduled Maintenance will also be moved to the Gate Area.
    • If it is the player’s first time playing or depending on how far they have progressed in the story, they will moved to the Bridge.

Bug Fixes
Issues that were fixed in NGS

  • Fixed a bug where if a PSO2:NGS Booster was used and then later overwritten with an item that had a higher Effect Amount, the Effect Duration would not be overwritten correctly.
  • Fixed an issue in the AC Shop where the charge screen shown when there was not enough money on-hand was displayed on top of another window.
  • Fixed an issue in the SG Shop where the purchase screen shown when there was not enough money on-hand was displayed on top of another window.
  • Fixed an issue with the Region Mag that caused players to lose their progress if they were attacked by an Enemy during or immediately after accessing it.
  • Fixed an issue in Urgent Quest match-making that caused players under certain conditions to fall through the terrain after teleporting.

Issues that were fixed in NGS and PSO2

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the function of Item Search and Product Search in the Personal Shop when the language was set to Japanese.

Issues that were fixed in PSO2

  • Fixed an issue where equipment with NGS specifications could be locked or unlocked from the Storage Menu while in a PSO2 Block.
  • Fixed an issue where armor with NGS specifications could Engage Stealth or be unlocked from the Storage Menu while in a PSO2 Block.
    *Due to this issue being fixed, an issue where Enhancement data of items with NGS specifications reset under certain conditions will be resolved as well.
    In addition, we have confirmed that it is possible to lock and unlock items in the PSO2 Block by locking them together. This is a display-only issue, and we have confirmed that the Enhancement data will not be reset.

Confirmed Bugs

  • The message is not displayed correctly when players make a purchase at the AC Shop or SG Shop in PSO2:NGS with a full Inventory.
  • In the Xbox One version, the Wall Kicking action is sometimes delayed when players start to Glide, if they are using the Scratch Count Bonus item MTN: Glide - Dive from the AC Scratch Ticket “Wedding Celebration” (released on ).

Thank you for continuing to support PSO2 NEW GENESIS.


- The NGS Team