PSO2 - July 7 End of Scheduled Maintenance Announcement


July 7 End of Scheduled Maintenance Announcement

The Scheduled Maintenance started on July 6 7:00 PM (PDT) has ended at July 7 1:00 AM (PDT). Please check here for more details about the update.

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Also, after this maintenance, the version number shown on the bottom right corner of the title screen is ver.7.0001.5.

For details about other changes, please see below.

Maintenance Details

  • Due to the Scheduled Maintenance, the validity period of Premium Sets, Extended Storage 1~6, Material Storage, and Personal Shop usage, as well as PSO2 Personal Quarters use, Max Orders Received Limit Expansion, and Bonus Keys will be extended by 6 hour(s).
    *For things that expired before the end of Scheduled Maintenance on July 7, 2021 (Wed), the expiration will be extended 6 hour(s) from the time of expiration. 
  • Characters that completed the “Application for Ship Transfer During Scheduled Maintenance” before the start of scheduled maintenance on July 6, 2021 (Tues) have been transferred. 
    • Ship transfers during scheduled maintenance occur in order of applications. There is a limit to the number of transfers that are performed, so if the maximum number of applications is reached, later applications will be carried over to the next scheduled maintenance.
    • Please check here for more information about ship transfers, such as the requirements.
  • When logging into PSO2 blocks, each characters’ location will be set to the Gate Area.
    • Characters that logged out while in the Shopping Plaza, Casino, Bridge, or Franca's Café before the start of Scheduled Maintenance will also be moved to the Gate Area.
    • If it is the player’s first time playing or depending on how far they have progressed in the story, they will moved to the Bridge.

Specification Changes

  • Corrected NPC names that were determined to be inappropriate as character names.

Bug Fixes
Issues that were fixed in NGS

  • Fixed a bug with the Partisan Photon Art “Fatal Tornado” where the number of hits landed was sometimes reduced
  • Fixed a bug with the Assault Rifle Photon Art “Blaze Shot” where the firing accuracy was low
  • Fixed a bug with the trial “Collect Stella Packs” where objects sometimes did not appear under certain conditions
  • Fixed a bug where an incorrect message was displayed when making a purchase at the AC/SG Shops with a full Inventory
  • Addressed a bug with the Daily Free SG Ticket where it is sometimes displayed as a blank in the Acquired Items List
    *If you encounter this bug, please try reopening the Scratch Tickets menu, and you should be able to play a Daily Free SG Ticket.
  • Fixed a bug with the Oracle Renewal Collection items in Personal Shops where they could not be searched for and items' market prices could not be checked
  • Fixed the bug with the Steam, Epic Games and Microsoft Store versions, where the option "texture resolution" was not reflected correctly

Confirmed Bugs

  • Confirmed a bug in PSO2:NGS where BGM may not be played correctly
  • A bug where the change implemented in the July 7, 2021 (Wed) (PDT) update, which increases the amount of damage players can deal to specific parts of the Boss Enemy “Veteran Varas”, has not been applied.
  • A bug where the change implemented in the July 7, 2021 (Wed) (PDT) update, which makes it easier to perform Elemental Downs against the Boss Enemy “Veteran Veras”, has not been applied.

Thank you for continuing to support PSO2 NEW GENESIS.