PSO2 - Scheduled Maintenance (6/9) - What’s New? (UPDATED AUGUST 4, 2021 PDT)


Scheduled Maintenance (6/9) - What’s New? (UPDATED AUGUST 4, 2021 PDT)

Attention, Arks. The scheduled maintenance has ended, and the servers are now open. Please read this article for more information about this maintenance period.

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Scheduled maintenance which started on  has ended at.
Also, after this maintenance, PSO2 NEW GENESIS service has started, and the version number shown on the bottom right corner of the title screen is ver.7.0001.1.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by the extended maintenance.
 As an apology, we are considering some sort of compensation for all users.
 The details will be announced at a later date.

For details about the update, please see this. 

Also, for other content changes, please see the following. 

Maintenance Details

  • Due to the schedule maintenance conducted, Premium Set, Extended Storage 1 to 5, Personal Shop Use, and Use for Personal Quarters for PSO2, Expand Max. Orders Received, and Bonus Key expiration will be extended by 42 hours.
    *Those that have expired before the end of Scheduled maintenance on June 9, 2021(Wed)(PDT) will have their expiration date extended by 42 hours from when they expired.
  • For characters that applied for “Ship Transfer During Scheduled Maintenance” and were approved before the beginning of the maintenance began on  June 7, 2021(Mon)(PDT), we have performed Ship Transfer. 
    *Ship Transfer During Scheduled Maintenance performs ship transfer in order of application. There is a limit to the number of requests that can be submitted, and if the limit is reached, the request will be carried over to the next scheduled maintenance.
  • Set the character position to the gate area when logging into the "PSO2" block.
    *Characters who have logged out of the Shopping Plaza, Casino, Bridge, and Franca's Café before the start of scheduled maintenance will also be moved to the Gate Area.
    *If you are playing for the first time or depending on how the story is progressing during play, you will be moved to the Bridge.

Fixed issues

  • Regarding Ridroid, the weapon does not appear correctly while on board.
  • Opacity can be adjusted even when "Makeup/Face Paint" is set to "None" in the Character Creation or Salon.
  • An error message appears when performing "Test connection" in the Environment Settings for Windows 10, Steam and EpicGames versions of Game Launcher.
  • These Basewears may not appear correctly under certain conditions:
    - Zeldna Shaker [Ba]
    - Zeldna Shaker: Sun [Ba]
  • Regarding the Emote "441: Jyuden kun," the character does not appear correctly when wearing some of the outfits.
  • Some of the terrains in the field are not displayed or detected correctly.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Some of the text is not displayed correctly.

Regarding Bugs That May Have Caused Characters’ Body and/or Skin Color to Change

We have confirmed that the body and/or skin color of some characters may have been changed from how they were before the scheduled maintenance on  June 7, 2021(Mon)(PDT) .
This bug is difficult to fix on an individual basis, so to apologize we will be giving out the following items.

Items distributed to “Receive Campaign Items”

・Color-Change Pass x1
・Salon Free Pass x1

 We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Temporarily unavailable features

The following features are temporarily unavailable due to bugs.
We are currently working on fixing and resuming them, and appreciate your patience.

  • Gather Party Members in PSO2:NGS
    *Although this option can be selected in the game, it is not working. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Changing the display format of the Inventory
  • Adding an Augment and using an item to enhance the success rate
    *If an item is used to increase the success rate, such as the N-Augmentation Success Rate +10%,
    an error message appears and the Augment will not be added.
    We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but until this bug is fixed,

    success-enhancement items are not usable during Augmentation.
  • Transfer to a Challenge Block or a Battle Block
    *Please note that while players can select these options in the game, the transfer will not occur.

Confirmed Issues

【Confirmed bugs in NGS】

< Bugs related to Character Creation, Salon, and Outfit >

  • During initial Character Creation when starting the game with a character created in PSO2, an unspecified Setwear is put on the character if the player removes the character's PSO2 Outerwear. To fix this, put it on again and proceed with game play.
  • In Character Creation, when a player logs in for the first time with a character created in PSO2, the Outfit is displayed in duplicate.
  • Regarding the Salon, if players use an N-Color-Change Pass as a Humanoid Type during the valid period of the Premium Set, the Supported Re-Editing Period won't appear when they enter the Salon again during the re-editing supported period.
  • Regarding the Salon, if players uses an N-Color-Change Pass as a CAST Type during the valid period of the Premium Set, the re-editing item won't appear when they enter the Salon again during the re-editing supported period.
  • When players are not able to leave the Salon due to a lack of Inventory space, it may display as a system error.
  • Regarding NGS body type characters, when they put on a PSO2 outfit with their Inventory full, they are not able to remove the items they are wearing.
  • Photon Colors are not reflected correctly when equipping Weapon Camos for  PSO2 that can change its Photon Colors in NGS.
  • The set Photon Colors are reverted to default colors with the weapons that Weapon Transmutation is done.
    *Click here to see the announcement about this bug. (Added August 4, 2021)
  • Loadouts are not reflected when chat commands "/myset" and "/ms" are used.
  • If a player creates a new character while installing the game and chooses to skip the Prologue with an account that has already completed it, the game returns to the Title screen without showing a message to inform the player that installation of the data necessary for game play has not completed.
  • In the Salon, when uncheck the Motion Base Type in Review Changes, the player will not be able to check it again.

< Bugs related to Field/Combat-Related Bug >

  • Under certain conditions, the effects for the Hunter's Class Skills "Same Arts Skip Attack-Hunter" and "Another Arts Skip Attack-Hunter" are not activated.
  • If the Ranger Class Skill "Rifle Grenadier" is activated without direction input, it won't hit multiple enemies at the same time.
  • The chain state will end immediately if some attacks of other weapon types hit at the same time, when using the charged version of Twin Machine Guns PA to initiate a chain state in Gunner's class skill "Chain Trigger", while equipped with Multi-weapon
  • The Techter Class Skill "Wand Lovers" has a longer Effect Duration under certain conditions.
  • The laser from Launcher's Photon Art "Fear Eraser" may move up and down faster when using the over-the-shoulder view
  • When the Sword's Weapon Action completes, Sidestep may be performed earlier.
  • Sidestep may be performed early when the Wired Lance's Weapon Action completes.
  • Sidestep may be performed early when the Twin Dagger's Weapon Action completes.
  • When a Force or a Techter equips a Multi-weapon combining Rod, Talis, and Wand, Techniques may not be able to be set on the Weapon Palette.
  • The player action "Wall Kicking" may not be activated if the "Auto Wall Kick" option is set to Manual.

< Party and Quest-Related Bugs >

  • The message stays on the display and the game shuts down if a quest such as a Cocoons quest is accepted while the confirmation message for the Exchange Augment Capsule is displayed.
    *Please refrain from performing the function "Exchange Augment Capsule" while you're in a party until this issue is fixed.
  • The message stays on the display and the game stops responding if a quest such as a Cocoons quest is accepted while the confirmation message for the function "Item Recycle" is displayed.
    *Please restart the client if this issue occurs.
  • With disbanding a party, occasionally a party won’t be able to disband if they have accepted a quest.
  • Within a party, the “Remove from Party” option is also available for party members other than the Party Leader.
    *This is only a display bug. Party members other than the Party Leader will not be able to remove players from the party if they select the “Remove from Party” option.
  • With the “Party Member Acquired a Rare Item Notification”, notifications about other party members acquiring rare items won’t be displayed even if the “display” option is selected.
  • Regarding the Party Tab under Room Transfer, the number of players in the room appears in the list instead of the number of party members.
  • In the Room Transfer Party Tab, each party members’ room is displayed.

< Item, Inventory, Storage, and Personal Shop-Related Bugs >

  • Regarding the Item Exchange Shop, if items are exchanged with no space in the player's inventory and the exchange fails, the purchasable number displayed in the shop decreases.
    *This issue only appears on the display. It is confirmed that the number is restored after leaving and accessing the shop again.
  • A Weapon Camo cannot be set to multiple weapon categories.
    * If it is set to multiple weapon categories, it won't be applied to the weapons listed as a second category and onwards.
    After performing options such as block transfer, they cause Weapon Camos set as the second or later in the order of categories to be removed from the equipment.
    Please set only 1 category for Weapon Camos until this issue is fixed.
  • If there are multiple items in the Target Item List for “Item Recycle” Exchange Items, the number of purchasable items is not displayed correctly.
    *This is just a display bug, these items will be purchasable for the designated number of times.
  • With the Inventory, if a player’s inventory is full, the names of items acquired might not be displayed.
    *This is only a display bug. Items acquired will be sent to a player’s Material Storage or Quest Storage.
  • In the Inventory, the icon for SG Acquired from the Affinity Gauge won’t be displayed.
  • The “Deposit to PSO2 Inventory” option is sometimes available for PSO2:NGS items.
    *This is only a display bug. These items cannot be deposited to a player’s “PSO2 Inventory”.
  • Extended Storage can’t be set as a player’s Favorite Storage.
  • Players without authorization on their account to use the Personal Shop can still proceed to the screen to put items up for sale.
  • The acquisition log from Item Container: Red is not displayed under certain conditions.
    *We have confirmed that this is a display bug only, and the items can be obtained normally if there is enough space in the Inventory or Drop Storage.
  • Ability Details does not appear in the Item Details for other players.
  • Some Augment does not appear for PSO2 weapons and units.
  • In the 3rd Tab of the Item Details window, details other than HP and PP don't appear in Stat Adjustment.

< Options and UI-Related Bugs >

  • Players may receive the “Error Code 2000” and be unable to log in with characters that were created before the beginning of Scheduled Maintenance on . June 7, 2021(Mon)(PDT)
    *If this bug occurs, please wait a little and try logging in again, as you may be able to log in later.
  • When Daily and Weekly Tasks are updated, the tasks are accepted for the character that the player logged in for the first time.
    *There is no difference in the amount of "N-Meseta" to acquire.
  • The Set Title/Character Name can be set to the Character Overhead Display.
  • In the Chat Log Window, the Group Chat will open if Customize is selected.
  • Even if everything is reset in the Options, the camera and light settings won’t be reset.
  • If “Other Players’ Symbol Art Display” is set to “Do Not Display” in the Options, the player’s own Symbol Art will also not be displayed.
  • “Mouse Scroll Speed Changes” aren’t saved correctly in the Support Menu Options.
  • Some areas in the Options are not being brought over from PSO2 to PSO2:NGS.
  • Even if the Swap Shop and World Map are set to specific keys in the “Controls (Keyboard)” settings, they won’t open.
  • Even if each option in the “Controls (Mouse)” settings window is allocated, it won’t work.
  • Regarding the Title Screen and the Ryuker Device, a prompt message to start download appears even when the download of the data to play PSO2 has already started.
  • Regarding the Whisper Chat, when sending a message to a Nearby Character, it is not delivered if the receiver character model has not been loaded completely.

【Confirmed Bugs in NGS and PSO2】

< Bugs related to Character Creation, Salon and Outfit >

  • After making changes under Changing Motions in the Character Creation and the Salon, they are not reflected to Review Changes.
  • When equipping unadjustable hairstyles such as Garorian Hair and Azmito Hair, the options to adjust hairstyle do not gray out.
  • In the Review Changes for the Salon, only the color settings cannot be reset after changing the Body Type.
  • Players may not be able to wear some outfits in the outfit change and unit equipment options of the Customize Looks,
    *If this issue occurs, please change your outfit in the Salon.
  • Regarding Looks saved with NGS CAST parts, the skin pattern for a different Body Type is loaded instead of CAST parts when loading under certain conditions.
  • The adjustments made to "Sheathe Position" are reflected in both NGS and PSO2.
    *In the correct process, Sheathe Position is set separately for NGS and PSO2.
  • Regarding accessories that sync with the color of Outerwear, accessory color syncs with the Basewears if players transfer to a block of different specification after removing their Outerwear.

< Other Errors >

  • When transferring to an NGS block while wearing a PSO2 outfit or transferring to a PSO2 block while wearing an NGS outfit, the block transfer will fail if there is no space in the character's inventory at their destination.
    *Until this issue is fixed, please refrain from transferring between PSO2 and NGS if you do not have space in your Inventory.
  • In the search item list, when a transfer between PSO2 and NGS blocks has occurred, listed information may not be reflected correctly.
    * If this error occurs, the correct list can be shown by logging out and back in.
  • When transferring ships, the message after the move is completed states that FUN has been acquired
  • When the language is set to “Japanese”, the search function does not work properly for the Personal Shop, Storage and Inventory.



【Bugs confirmed in PSO2】

  • Regarding the Manage Auxiliaries feature, when players leave the Salon after creating a new Auxiliary for a CAST race character, an error message appears and the Auxiliary won't be created.
    *Please create an Auxiliary for a CAST race character after this issue is solved.
  • Characters wearing NGS Layering Wear or CAST Parts are not displayed correctly in some Story Quests in PSO2.
  • When stamps are sent by “send to area”, two are displayed



We are working on the above issues and they will be fixed in a future update.
We apologize for the trouble, and thank you for your understanding while they are fixed.

Thank you for continuing to support NGS.


- The NGS Team