PSO2 - NGS Headline (10/5/2021)


NGS Headline (10/5/2021)

This program delivers the latest news surrounding Sega’s new, popular online RPG “PSO2 NEW GENESIS” (“NGS”)!

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*This is a pre-recorded broadcast.

Hiro Arai, the official navigator for NGS, will be updating players around the world about the present and future of NGS. He will talk about current operations, future updates, intriguing campaigns, and other related topics.

In this episode, he shares with us the latest information on NGS with videos, including the new class, Bouncer, and the Halloween Event, both coming in October!
Please also look forward to a new segment starting in this episode!

Additionally, there will be a special teaser of the new region coming in December!

The broadcast will stream via YouTube Live on !

“NGS Headline”

Official Navigator: Hiro Arai (SEGA)

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Play Now on the following platforms; Xbox One, Windows 10, Steam, Epic Games

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