PSO2 - A New AC Scratch Ticket “Sweet Summer” is Here!

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A New AC Scratch Ticket “Sweet Summer” is Here!

The AC Scratch Ticket collection "Sweet Summer" features aquatic battle-wear and new Idle, Move, Jump, and Landing Motions! Check out this article for more details!

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Scratch Ticket Preview Video


741: "Five" Pose
742: Graffiti

Featured Items

Wet & Long

A new half-up long hairstyle is here!
Even better, it includes colorful highlights for definitive style!

MTN: Jump - Arms spread

Looking to change your Jump Motion?
Make a statement by jumping with arms akimbo!

Introducing Recommended Outfits

We've picked out the best ways to style “Arte Servine [Se]” and “Merres Fidde [Ba]” from “Sweet Summer”!
Check out the Scratch Ticket lineup featured items to see more outfits!

Arte Servine [Se]

Items used: 
Arte Servine [Se]/Arte Ser Gloves/Arte Hairband/Arte Stabilizer

Merres Fidde [Ba]

Items used:
Merres Fidde [Ba]/Delphina Hair/Fidde Hair/Fidde Goggles/Fidde Mask/Fidde Horn


These Scratch Tickets prizes may be included in future Scratch Tickets.