PSO2 - August Update Info (Updated August 6, 2:00 AM (PDT))


August Update Info (Updated August 6, 2:00 AM (PDT))

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▲PSO2 NEW GENESIS August Updates ② Introduction Video

▲PSO2 NEW GENESIS August Updates ① Introduction Video

New Urgent Quest: “Mining Rig Defense: Aelio”!

The new Urgent Quest, “Mining Rig Defense: Aelio”, that occurs in Central Aelio.

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A New Urgent Quest Begins! Defend the Mining Rig!

The new Urgent Quest “Mining Rig Defense: Aelio” will occur in Central Aelio!
Up to 8 players can take on this Quest where you will defend the resource mining rig from an onslaught of enemies attacking in multiple waves! The enemies will spawn at Level 20, making this the toughest Urgent Quest yet. Even if all the mining sites are destroyed you can still get rewards, so don't worry about it and give this quest a go!

Introducing Special Time-Limit Equipment!

Special equipment called “Mobile Cannons” will appear during the Urgent Quest “Mining Rig Defense: Aelio”! It has powerful attacks including Rapid Fire, which boasts excellent range and continuous fire, Charged Blaster, a deadly attack with a devastating damage range, and Boosted Glider, for quickly rushing into dangerous situations! Take out the large enemy numbers with overwhelming annihilation power!

A New Enemy, Destragras, Appears!

These aerial DOLLS are equipped with ranged weapons. They fly around quickly in the air, attacking ARKS with an endless supply of bullets!

Some DOLLS Have Powered-Up!

Pettas Sword will power-up into the Boms Sword! In the new Urgent Quest “Mining Rig Defense: Aelio”, they will take advantage of their unique weapons and aim at the Mining Sites with powerful attacks. There are also Boms Gun, Bomks Sword, and Bomks Gun enemies!

The New 4-Star Rarity Evolcoat Weapon Series!

You can now get new weapons in the Evolcoat series for all weapon categories! Further expand your multi-weapon playstyle!

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Introducing the Evolcoat Series!

These are new weapons you can get during the new Urgent Quest “Mining Rig Defense: Aelio”! There are also other opportunities to get these weapons aside from the Urgent Quest. This series features weapons in all weapon categories, which is sure to expand your multi-weapon playstyle options. Be sure to get them!

Introducing the new class, Braver!

Braver is a new class in PSO2 New Genesis that uses the Katana and the Bow.

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Braver can use two weapon types, perfect for both close and long-ranged combat!

Braver also has class skills that enhance their recovery, making it a balanced and adaptive class!


The Katana is an agile weapon that is ideal for rapid attacks. Katana Photon Art Combos can be used to dish out a variety of attacks when the same PA is performed repeatedly.


The Bow is a ranged weapon that deals steady damage from afar! The Photon Arts change greatly depending on whether or not you charge the attack. Mix up charging your attacks to get the upper-hand in battle!

Braver Class Skills

•Brave Combat (Active Skill/For Braver Weapons Only)
Reduces PP consumption and increases attack PP recovery for a fixed time. Using the skill again while already activated will launch a powerful attack. 

•Resta Effect Amplifier
Increases HP recovery amount when you use Restasigne.

•Katana Guard Counter Advanced (Katana Only)
Adds a shockwave to the Counter when performing a Perfect Guard with Weapon Action.

•Bow Elusion Plus (Bow Only)
Using a Weapon Action while pressing the directional pad at just the right time after releasing a Photon Art will make you slide while attacking.

Braver Photon Arts

•Silverleaf Storm

Katana Photon Art. Releases a forward slash after a swift sword draw. Multiple uses release alternate attacks.

Iris Gale

Katana Photon Art. Mows down nearby enemies after a swift sword draw. Multiple uses release alternate attacks.

Lotus Lightning

Katana Photon Art. Releases manifold shockwaves in a straight line after charging your sword. Multiple uses release alternate attacks.

Flex Arrow

Bow Photon Art. Fires homing arrows. Can be charged up to two power levels to release different attacks.

Frenzied Firework

Bow Photon Art. Scatters arrows all around when you hit an enemy. Charge to launch an alternate attack.

Dimensional Ray

Bow Photon Attack. A bow from an alternate dimension rains arrows on enemies. Charging will cause the bow to teleport and release homing attacks when you land hits with other Photon Arts. 

Introducing Braver Instructor Deirdre!

•New Side Task! 

Deirdre is the newly-assigned Braver Instructor for ARKS. She’s an 18-year old Deuman, the same age as Ran.
“Braver Basic Training” is a task in which ARKS Instructor Deirdre teaches the basic fighting method for the Braver class in a practical manner. Try out this task if you want to give the Braver class a try! 

New Weapon Categories!

New Katana and Bow weapon categories have been added! The Katana has been added to the 4-star rarity Foursis weapon series, and the Bow has been added to the Vialto series! Weapons of 3-star rarity or less have also been added to other weapons series, such as Trois De and Theseus series, so be sure to get them!

Side Story: A Melancholy Monument!

A new side story with Aina! Aina requests that you meet her at the Watchtower.

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Side Story: A Melancholy Monument

Players who have completed all of the Main Quests in Chapter 1 will get word from Aina that she would like to meet at the Watchtower, which will start the side story. You will earn items for completing “A Melancholy Monument”!

New AC Scratch Ticket: Summer Sky Seaside!

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The new AC Scratch Ticket “Summer Sky Seaside” is coming! The sexy maid-like swimwear and street-style swimwear are sure to liven up your summer mood! There’s also an item that changes your idle motion to “Heat Fan”, as well as the Emotes “Parasol” and “Summer Fun”! You can also find an item that changes your swimming motion to “Butterfly” in the Play Bonus!

Recommended Items

•Taure Hair

A versatile ponytail that can have 2 hair colors and a scrunchie for decoration.

•Shoulder Parrot

A parrot that sits on your shoulder. Let him perch along with the other shoulder-sitting birds.

•Bleary Eyes

An eye shape that looks a little droopy. It’d suit a cool character.

•Leather Fishnet Socks/B

Body paint with a glossy texture. Depending on what you use it with, it would pair well with layering wear items.

Item Catalog

For more details on each item, please check out the Item Catalog page while this Scratch Ticket is available.

New SG Scratch Ticket: Arks Conductor!

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The new SG Scratch Ticket “Arks Conductor” is coming! In this ticket you’ll find outfits, hairstyles, and accessories for Manon, and the Central City operators such as Ran! There’s also Dozer and Manon’s Weapon Camo, Stamps, and Emotes with finger movement!
Additionally, the Daily Free SG Ticket will have the same lineup as the ARKS Conductor and can be used once a day for free. Give it a try every day to get various items!

Recommended Items

•* Dozerro Spear

The Weapon Camo for Dozer’s weapon. A beautiful Partisan with a blue and yellow blade.

•* Manophi Marte

The Weapon Camo for Manon’s weapon. It can be used with Twin Daggers and Rods.
This is a rare type of Weapon Camo. You’ll have one on each side of your hip when it is used with Twin Daggers and the weapon is sheathed.

•STP: Ran - Shocked

Operator Stamps are finally here! Her paused face before the shock is also cute.

•Metallic Grill

This full set of gold teeth (including the back teeth) is perfect for characters who are rolling in Meseta. Metallic Grill/2 is a version featuring silver teeth.

Item Catalog

For more details on each item, please check out the Item Catalog page while this Scratch Ticket is available.

New AC Scratch Ticket: Sunshine Marine Stars!

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The new AC Scratch Ticket collection “Sunshine Marine Stars” has arrived! This line features combat uniforms specialized for land warfare as well as hot pop idol outfits! It also includes accessories for enjoying summer fashion. Finally, there's an “eat ice cream” action for Emotes and new Motion-changing items, so be sure to check it out!

Recommended Items

•Ecole Skirt

A short skirt with a marine-themed design. Goes great with summer fashions, such as bathing suits!

•Machine Rocken

Mechanical wings worn at the waist. Features vertically-extending glowing lines!

•Sunny Snorkel

A cute Sunny-shaped snorkel. Put these on and go for a swim!

•Rayfoot Hair

Two-tone style with half-pigtails on the top and loose in the back. A hairstyle that’s both cool and cute!

Item Catalog

For more details on each item, please check out the Item Catalog page while this Scratch Ticket is available.

New SG Scratch Ticket: Astute Braver!

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The new SG Scratch Ticket collection “Astute Braver” is here! It features outfits and hairstyles inspired by the new Braver class! In addition to Motion-changing items, this Scratch Ticket also features the Braver Pose Emote! Additionally, the Daily Free SG Ticket will reward items from the Astute Braver collection, and can be used once a day for free. Be sure to pick up a ticket every day to get all the items!

Recommended Items

•Loose Hair

Short hair with loose waves. Recommended for active Arks!

•Fytte Hair

Decorate the connected braid at the back to make it even more fashionable!

•Gradated Horns

A horn variation. Features a smooth texture and beautiful gradation.

•Pierced Tongue

A tongue piercing for those who want to be trendy on the sly!

Item Catalog

For more details on each item, please check out the Item Catalog page while this Scratch Ticket is available.

AC Scratch: Oracle Renewal Collection II!

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*There was a mistake in the listed content. We have made corrections. (Added on August 6, 2021 (PDT)) 

The AC Scratch Ticket “Oracle Renewal Collection II” has arrived! We’re bringing back popular costumes from the past such as the Pure Maid Dress, Chocolat Felice, Heartbreaker, and Cursed Coat M; each updated to PSO2:NGS quality! Also be sure to check out the new items, such as Emotes, hairstyles, and accessories!

Recommended Items

•Calf Thrusters

An item you’ll want to use for decorating your legs. Recommended for enhancing your look!

•Ultra Long Scarf

As the name suggests, it’s a very long scarf. How about a bit of hero cosplay?

•N-Cursed Layer

Short two-tone hairstyle for a devil-may-care look!

•710: Bang Bang Pose

Shot through the heart, and you'll be to blame with this Emote!

Item Catalog

For more details on each item, please check out the Item Catalog page while this Scratch Ticket is available.

Other New Features and Functions

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Mag Display ON/OFF Feature!

We’ve added a feature for turning the Mag display ON or OFF. You can hide your Mag during screenshots or gameplay! Toggling this function is easy, so you can use it as you please.

New Augment!

A new augment, Melra Dualble, has been added! It increases Melee and Ranged weapon power, so it’s perfect for the new Braver class and multi-weapons!

New Weapon Categories Have Been Added to the 4-Star Rarity Straga Weapon Series!

New weapon categories have been added to the 4-star rarity Straga weapon series, such as the Wired Lance, Assault Rifle, and the Katana! These additions make the Straga series compatible with all weapon categories, sure to enhance your multi-weapon fighting style! These will be dropped from the powerful Gigantix enemies, so level up and ready your gear to take ‘em on!