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Planned Upcoming Updates

*There have been some changes made to the content that was announced in the broadcast on May 25, 2021 (Tue).

New Class “Bouncer” Releases in Fall

  • Release of Trigger Quests
  • Implementation of Mission Passes
  • Implementation of the Evolution Devices Share System

Winter “PSO2 NEW GENESIS” Major Updates Part 1

  • Release of a New Region
  • Implementation of Level 35 Level-Cap
  • Implementation of New Class Skills & New Techniques

There’s more to come! Stay tuned!

*We are limited on what update contents we can disclose at the moment. More information will be added as soon it is available. Please note that the content and timing of implementation are subject to change.

PSO2 NEW GENESIS will continue to grow as we implement new fields, new enemies, and new systems, and aim to make the online game even more fun for everyone!