PSO2 - September Update Info


September Update Info

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Autumn Events are Here!

Moon-gazing-inspired events are here! Take part in the events and enjoy the long autumn nights!

Event Period:  to

Central City with a Japanese Feel! Check out the Moon and Rabbits!

Check out the moon and rabbit decorations in this gorgeous transformation of Central City! The Japanese look gives the city a different feel. There are also Mischief Symbol decorations hidden in various locations around Central City. Find them all to get a reward!

The Trees Are Also Decked Out in Autumn Colors!

Outside of Central City, you’ll find that the leaves on the trees have also taken on autumn colors and falling leaves dance about in the field! Explore the Aelio region while enjoying the autumn atmosphere!

Find Xiandy in a Japanese Outfit in Central City!

•Get tasks from Xiandy!

Xiandy, who serves as a guide, will appear once again in front of Central Tower. In keeping with the theme of Japanese autumn, rabbits, and moon-gazing, she's wearing a gorgeous Japanese-style outfit adorned with rabbit ears! Talk to her to get limited-time event tasks and collect Seasonal Points!

•Get Items at the Exchange Shop!

You can exchange the Seasonal Points you've collected for various items. Exchange them for STP: Rappy & Moony – Moon-Gazing and the Bunni Hood accessory! Don’t forget the ice element Frostel weapon series, as well as C/Ice Exploit I! For this event, we're also adding 100 Alpha Reactors that you can exchange, so you can get up to 200 total!

Event Period:  to

Autumn Login Bonus!

We’ll have a special login bonus for the second half of the event, from  until  ! Log in during this time to get a Salon Free Pass and SG!

Additional Daily and Weekly Tasks!

New Daily and Weekly Tasks will be added during the second half of the event! Complete the tasks to get Seasonal Points!
There will also be days where Seasonal Enemies will appear at Vanford Laboratory Ruins and in Resol Forest!

Special Enemies in Every Sector!

Seasonal Enemies with special patterns and Moongaze Rappys will appear during the event period!

Event Period:  to

Seasonal Enemies with Special Markings will Appear!

The boss enemies that appear in all Urgent Quests, Dread Enemies, and Gigantix that appear in Central, West, North, and South Aelio as well as Mt. Magnus will be transformed into Seasonal Enemies! Enemies with the seasonal symbol will have their weaknesses changed to the ice element. Use ice element attacks during battle to get the upper hand!

Also, Gigantix “Nex Aelio” will appear during the second half of the event! Nex Aelio is a powerful foe, so team up before you take it on! It’s also got the seasonal symbol, so you can get Seasonal Points as well!

Moongaze Rappy Appears!The Moongaze Rappy, who holds yummy-looking sweets, is coming! They’re a rare enemy that only appears during the event period, so be sure to search for them.

Introducing the 3★ Rarity Frostel Elemental Weapon Series!

Release Scheduled for

Introducing the Elemental Weapon Series “Frostel”!

The second entry in the PSO2 New Genesis Elemental weapon series, Frostel, has arrived! Use these ice attribute weapons from the Frostel series to exploit the enemy's weakness and stack up their Elemental Down Factor without even using techniques! Get Frostel weapons from Seasonal Enemy drops or exchange for them using Seasonal Points.

As its name suggests, the Ice Exploit I Augment, which can be obtained during the event period, increases damage to enemies that are weak to ice, making it an excellent match for the Frostel series!

New AC Scratch Ticket “Moonlight Sanctuary” is Here!

Release Scheduled for

The new AC Scratch Ticket “Moonlight Sanctuary” is here!

These outfits are perfect for the moon-gazing season! You’ll find battle outfits inspired by priest and shrine maiden clothing as well as a science fiction-esque Bunny costume, and even a sporty outfit with neon lights! There are also items that will change your idle animation and Rabbit Dance and Moon-gazing Emotes that are sure to put you in the mood for autumn!

Recommended Items

•Black Fox Mask

A fox mask with a unique design! In addition to the Black Fox Mask, there’s also the Wolfen Mask, so choose your favorite!

•Bunni Headphones

Rabbit-shaped headphones. The dazzling eyes are so cute!

•Enkeli Veil

A cape with plenty of cute elements. You can also make it smaller and wear it on your chest! 

•Hu-Xian Tail

Nine-tailed fox tail. It looks impressive from the back!

•Luminous Nails

Glowing nails!? Pick your favorite color for a bit of trendiness on your hands and feet!

Item Catalog

For more details on each item, check out the Item Catalog while the Scratch Ticket is available.

New AC Scratch Ticket “Silhouette of Darkness” is Here!

Release Scheduled for

The new AC Scratch Ticket “Silhouette of Darkness” is here! This ticket features outfits of sci-fi-like ninjas and samurai shrouded in darkness. You’ll also find a new Emote in the Dance Emotes series! There are also items that will change your idle animation, such as MTN: Move – Ninja and MTN: Jump – Frontflip that will make you into a genuine ninja! Become a ninja or a samurai, and adventure into the open field!

Recommended Items

•Tenzan Yamagasa

A charming item and a must-have for any samurai outfit! 

•Seizan Sandogasa / Seizan Mask

Cool and stylish with a hidden face! Become one with the shadows!

•Tenzan Decorative Katana

A slick blade combining science fiction and Japanese elements. Stylish, and with a profound, tasteful feel!

•Tenzan Hair

Loose yet fluffy, rough short hair. Showing only one eye makes for a mysterious look!

Item Catalog

For more details on each item, check out the Item Catalog while the Scratch Ticket is available.

AC Scratch Ticket “Oracle Renewal Collection III” is Here!

Release Scheduled for

The AC Scratch “Oracle Renewal Collection III” is here!

Features previously popular costumes, such as N-Divine Priest, N-Bright Blossom, N-Edel Zellen, and N-Risty Boynes, now in NGS format! There are also new items, including Emotes and hairstyles, so be sure to check it out!

Recommended Items

•Core Gauntlet

Gauntlet with a glowing center piece. There might be a lot of people equipping this on places other than the arm...!?

•Strapless Chest

A soft-looking, unique accessory. Give its elasticity a try!

•Seraphic Feather

Two-tone wings with a mystical feel. Leave a lasting impression!

Item Catalog

For more details on each item, check out the Item Catalog while the Scratch Ticket is available.