PSO2 - FAQ -



How can I install the game on Epic Games?


First, you should install the Epic Games App by going to the official Epic Games website here: Once there, click on the button “GET EPIC GAMES”. The Epic Games Installer will automatically download to your PC. After the Epic Games Launcher is installed on your PC, open it and the Epic games sign in window will appear.

You will then need to create an Epic Games account if you do not currently have one. You can do this by selecting “Sign Up” or “Sign in Later” at the bottom of the sign in window. Once your account is created, login by entering your Account name and password that you just created. You may also sign in using one of the available sign in options listed on the page.

With the app open, select the “Store” tab. In the Search Bar, type PSO2 and click on the game. This will take you to the PSO2 Store page for Epic Games. From here, scroll down and select “Get”. You will be taken to an order page where the price will be $0. Once you have successfully placed the order, you can look at your game library for PSO2. Upon clicking on PSO2, you will be prompted to install the game. Please choose the installation location that you wish to download the launcher and the installation will begin.


If the above does not solve your problem, please submit your message from the following page.