PSO2 - FAQ -



I have purchased an item from Steam/Microsoft Store/Epic Games Store, but I haven’t received the item on my character. Where is my purchased item and how do I claim it?


If you have purchased AC, SG, or a package bundle from Steam, Microsoft, or Epic Games Store please make sure to log into the game lobby of the correct platform the item was purchased from. 

Please also check the System Menu if necessary to see if the item has arrived. For example, purchased bundles can be found in PSO2: NGS by going to "System>Get Campaign Items>Purchase/Receive Benefits" in the Main Menu, and in PSO2 by going to "Receive Campaign Items>Purchase/Receive Benefits" in the Visiphone.AC/SG is added automatically to your total. 

You can check this in the “Basic Stats” by hitting the “ESC” key on the keyboard or “Menu” button on the Xbox One Controller. AC/SG total can be seen on the upper-left corner when you enter that screen.

*The first time you buy Paid Items in the Steam or Epic Games version, the purchase will be reflected in-game once 24 hours have passed since you created your account and made your first purchase.


If the above does not solve your problem, please submit your message from the following page.